This Sunday


Prelude Cathy Sidebottom, Annette Gross, Pat Tester/Early Service



Order of Worship for February 5, 2023

Prelude Cathy Sidebottom, Annette Gross, Pat Tester/Early Service



*Call to Worship “His Name Is Wonderful” No. 174

*Apostle’s Creed No. 881

*Hymn “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing” No. 400; vv. 1-3


The Worship of God with Tithes and Offerings 

 The Doxology (No. 95)

Children’s Sermon Ashley Sidebottom

Celebration of Birthdays and Anniversaries

Prayer Requests, Pastoral Prayer and Lord’s Prayer

Scripture “Matthew 25: 1-13”


Sermon “People Get Ready”


*Hymn “Nothing But the Blood” No. 362; 1 & 4


Pastor: The Lord Bless You and Keep You;

People: The Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious unto you;

The Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace. Amen

Pastor Estel’s cell: 423-963-9071 

Pastor Estel’s email: [email protected] 



8:30 am – Early Worship

9:30 am – Sunday School

10:30 am –Worship

6:00 pm – Youth

6:00 pm – Song and Testimony Service @ St. Paul UMC


The quilters will work each Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday from 12:00 to 3:00 pm in the CLC. (upstairs)


9:00 am – Mayberry Group (CLC Classroom)

6:00 pm – Romans Bible Study

7:00 pm – Choir Practice


8:00 am – Prayer Time in Sanctuary

Next Sunday:

Sympathy is extended to Mark Lewis in the death of Sandra Lewis.

We will vote on whether to go with Global Methodist Church or stay independent on February 19. For info on Global church (globalmethodist.org) and absentee ballots will be accepted.

On January 8th, Edgefield voted to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church with the understanding we would incur an associated expense. While the exact cost has not been determined, we believe it to be approximately $70,000 and will be due in March. If there are questions about this expense, please contact the pastor.

The Finance Committee met and agreed that at least part of the disaffiliation expense should be borrowed as opposed to severely depleting our existing funds. We also agreed that the congregation should be given an opportunity to donate and thus reduce the amount borrowed. Beginning immediately, all funds designated as “opportunity fund” on the check’s memo line will be held and applied to the disaffiliation cost when payment is made. Please note one check may be split between normal tithe and disaffiliation expense. Simply list the amount to be applied as Opportunity Fund on memo line.

For all who are financially able, please prayerfully consider making a special donation during the month of February.

Thank You, Edgefield Finance Committee, Tom Hodge, Chairman    

December 2022 Newsletter

Edgefield United Methodist Church Newsletter

Estel Williams – Pastor

Pastor Estel’s cell: 423-963-9071

Church email address: [email protected]

December 2022

Greetings from the Pastor and welcome to December. Sorry I am late in getting this letter out, but I have been under the weather for almost 2 weeks. Well, guess what, Christmas is just around the corner. But first, let’s pause and back up to November. It was an eventful month filled with activity. The Ruritan, as usual, did a tremendous job on the Veterans Luncheon. It was well attended and the atmosphere and program was wonderful. We had All Saints Day and remembered those who has gone on to their Heavenly Reward during the past year. That included Cecil McGlamery who passed away during the month of November. Our prayers go out to David, Max & Lisa as well as all of his family. Also to all the families who remembered their loved ones on this special day, and thanks to the ladies who put the program together. We also had our annual Thanksgiving Dinner provided by the Methodist Men. It also was a great Greetings from the Pastor and welcome to December. 

The House was full of people and wonderful testimonies of what we were thankful for.

Everyone left uplifted and excited about Thanksgiving. A big thank You to the people of St Paul who put the service together. 

Now let’s get to Christmas. We have a lot of exciting things planned for this month as we celebrate the greatest gift ever given. (JESUS CHRIST). May each

of you have a Christ Filled Christmas.


Sympathy is extended to David, Lisa, and Max in the death of Cecil McGlamery.

Welcome to our new members: Adam, William and Savanna Whitehead

Welcome to our new members: Kim and Dean Baggett, and Jean Sartain

It is time to begin working on the 2023 directory. Please check the 2022 directory and

make sure all info is correct including your birthday.

I need all updates on addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, birthdays or name changes. If anything is incorrect or you are new to Edgefield please send me an email with the info. Thanks, Janet Elliott


Dec. 12 – 6:30 pm – Finance Committee Meeting to set the 2023 church budget.

A light Meal will be served.

Dec. 13 – 6:00 pm – Women of Faith in CLC (Potluck Christmas Dinner and bring gift

under $10.00)

Dec. 16 – 9:30 am – Food Pantry Run

Dec. 17 – 8:30 to 10:00 am– Food Pantry Distribution

Dec. 19 – 8:30 am – Food Pantry Run

Dec. 21 – 6:30 pm – Christmas Service

Dec. 21 – Choir Christmas Party

“Table for One?” will not meet in December

Dec. 25 – 9:30 am – One Worship Service

Dec. 31 – 5-7:00 pm - New Year Eve Communion

*Every Monday, Tuesday, & Saturday (January-November) – 12:00-3:00 pm – “Sew Happy”

Quilters in CLC (upstairs) Quilters will not meet in December.

*Every Wednesday:

9:00 am – Mayberry Bible Study (CLC)

6:00 pm – Romans Bible Study in CLC & On-Line (zoom)

7:00 pm – Choir Practice

Special Gifts

Dear Santa,

I am writing to you about someone that is special to me. I don't know what I would

do without her in my life. She is my rock when I need strength.

Santa, this young woman is so amazing. She does a job that enables her to help

people that have run out of hope. By sharing her own life experiences, which

sometimes can be painful, she teaches them how to be a better parent and all round

better human being. I have seen the results of her work, and I am humbled.

I sometimes wonder what Edgefield Church would do without her. Throughout the

pandemic she never missed a Sunday to speak to the children on Zoom. Since then

she has taken on the role of children's sermons and manages to bring smiles to

everyone's face with the responses she gets from the precious children in our church.

Along with her friend, John Weaver, she teaches a Sunday school class for teens.

On more than one occasion she has stepped into the pulpit on Sunday morning

when Estel has needed her. One time she literally was called less than thirty minutes

before church began because Estel needed to minister to a grieving family. She

always brings a message that someone needed to hear.

Wednesday nights find her at the church either helping Estel with Bible study on

Zoom, or going it alone if duty or life calls him elsewhere. You should hear how she

speaks of the people that participate. You can hear her love for them in her voice.

Besides doing the children's sermon she also does audio visual duty during church,

whenever needed.

As you draw up your list of gifts this year please remember her. Material things are

not important to her. Family, church, and friends are what she cares about. So as you

ponder what to bring her, let me make a few suggestions. Bring her joy in her ever day

life. Bring peace in her heart for the things over which she has no control. Bring her

happiness. because no one deserves it more.

I know you know who I am talking about Santa, and I thank you for your

consideration in this. One final gift I would wish for her is the true understanding of

how proud I am that she's my daughter.

Merry Christmas

Cathy Sidebottom



Penny Johnson 9

Olivia Bowers 14

John Smith 15

Eric Hughes 17

Terry Parker 18

Judy Graybeal 18

Hunter Hess 19

Darrell Jackson 19

Annette Gross 20

Kelley Collett 21

Peggy Grubb 22

Jill Fandl 22

Don Moyers 25

Pat Powell 26

Morgan Parker 28

Etta Hyder 29

Ivy Smith 31

Scott Carter 31

Buck Peters 31


Jeff & Micki Hess 6

Roger & Deanna Davis 7

Stephen & Kathy Grubbs 12

Lynn & Judy Cross 18

John & Jill Fandl 22

David & Tammie Casasola 23

Bill & Pat Powell 24

Joe & Nancy Broyles 29

Jim & Sherry Blizzard 31


Sandy Thomas Haleigh Hearn Steve Howell

Luxe Trivett Mike Devereaux Mary Walker

Carolyn Fletcher Lou Daughtery Stacy Fox

Don Lewis Rebekah Roche Jim Crisco

Sandra Sinard Gene & Susan Shaw Jeff Hyder

Dave Tester William Whitehead Buck Peters

Junior Smith Terry Whitaker John Fandl

Henry McNulty Bonnie Sheldon Linda Wilcox

Joe Broyles Andy Crutcher Carol Vaughn

Johnnie Smith Melissa Garrett Mike Collins

Bill Sawyers Michael Boldosser Judy Cross

Suzanne Groce Gay Lynn Torbett Jean Lipps

Janice Blackburn Clifford Chapman Loretta Kyte

Mary Beth Sidebottom Sean Lovins Donna Cox

Kim Baggett Deborah Webb Allen Odum

Hunter Pendleton Speedy Adams Family

Ryan Cradic Bill Cross Family

Preston Hampton Sarah East Family

Terry Parker Jonathan Powers Family

Broggie Broyles Family


Betty Berry Betty Birdwell Carrie Mellons Jean Sartain

Nursing Home Residents

Louise Cross……… Courtyards, 2111 E. Lakeview Drive, Room 110,

Johnson City, TN 37601

Janie Walsh………...Dominion Senior Living, Room 124, 2412 Knob Creek Road, Johnson

City, TN 37601

Brenda Warren….Hillview Health & Rehabilitation, 1666 Hillview Drive, Elizabethton, TN